Verification of documents

One of the most important functions of the customs-certified service is giving verification of the origin of
products which essentially belong to the papers accompanying exported goods from inland to a customer abroad.

Proving the land of origin of the goods is a fundamental prerequisite and supported by evidence given by the actual confirmation of the foreign origin of goods. We even verify business invoices, inspection certificates, important letters, trade contracts and other documents which are needed to realize trade abroad.

The origin of goods is defined as “Order of the board (EHS) no. 2913/92 - customs code of community” in the version of a later contract and provision, and “Order of the commission 2454/93 - executive by law”.

Verification of the origin of goods is a public deed.

Issuance of verification of the origin of goods should only be requested in case this verification is requested by the import rules of the destination country or conditions of the contract signed by the receivers of the goods. In every delivery, there should be at least one original verification issued.

At the moment of submitting the application for issuance of verification of the origin of goods, the package must be prepared for shipping.

A form exclusively for European Union members is used (original, application for issuance - red and copy - yellow).

The letters must by typed, printed, or handwritten in block letters in one of the official languages of the community or as regards business customs and needs in any other language (in Latin or Cyrillic alphabet).

The lettering on the verification and application cannot be erased or even retyped. Any changes should be drawn through with a ruler; the incorrect information should then be replaced with the new information. Each change must be done in this way, and must be initialed by the person who changed it and confirmed by authorization of the chamber.

Each verification of the origin of goods has a number. On issuance of the copy (yellow letters), the number is identical to the original in the authorized empty article. A copy is issued in case the client requests verification of the origin of several copies. Photocopies are inadmissible.

Instructions in Czech language for filling in forms and other information: click here

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Every form which REC Ostrava issues and confirms can be bought at REC Ostrava. Other forms with customs clearance of goods can be bought from distribution shops that are approved to sell forms, for example, in the SEVT shop.

Current prices of forms at REC Ostrava:

Form prices:
Certificate set: CZK 15,-
Certificate copy: CZK 4,-
Certificate application: CZK 4,-
FORM A: CZK 24,-
DA 59 (JAR): CZK 3,-
Postage receipt no. 1: CZK 3,-
Postage receipt no. 2: CZK 3,-