Regional information place CzechTrade at Chamber of Commerce of Moravian-Silesian Region

  • Ensures up to date information for Czech exporters and those interested in export
  • Make possible access to products and services which are linked with Czech Trade, the Czech agency in supporting business


    • Information from the foreign market
    • Basic information about foreign territories
    • Information about individual countries as for export and investing
    • Trade opportunities and requests from abroad
    • Information about tenders and public orders
    • Looking for trade contacts from foreign addresses
    • Marketing department information about foreign trade
    • Euro-service
    • Service in foreign markets
    • Scouting markets
    • Trade contacts
    • Preparation for trade meetings
    • Scouting expo/exhibition
    • Quality foreign firms
    • Advertising abroad
    • Technical obstacles when joining a market
    • Long-term monitoring of markets
    • Export presentations abroad
    • Export training and consulting
    • Consultation days in the chosen country
    • Export consulting
    • Export Marketing plan
    • Reports and information sent by e-mail

      The goals of the activities in the regional information office, Czech Trade are:
    • to improve the quality of the prepared place for export before joining the new market
    • to persuade other small and medium-sized firms, with the assistance of the chamber and Czech Trade, to export their products to markets outside our country
    • support improvements in results of foreign trade in Czech Republic

      Contact: Monika Němcová, tel.: 597 479 322, e-mail: