Information for business owners

The Economic Chamber of Czech Republic began in October 2003 a national project called “Information place for business owners” (IPBO)

The main goal is mediation of regional places (RP), establishing the economic chamber, and offers above all to small and medium-sized firms an information base.

The Information place for business owners offers:

  • financial information service, including information about the region
  • information about conditions, changes in the business environment within the framework of the EU and individual European markets
  • Czech legislation for business owners
  • information about programs supporting IBO on regional and statewide levels
  • educational programs (within the region and even in the city center)
  • consulting in integrating with other organizations and institutions in support of IBO, intermediation specialized consulting (law, economic, organizational)
  • an overview of financial possibilities of business activities from supporting programs in CR and EU
  • individual consultations about problems in the EU
  • business offers and requests inland and abroad
  • consultations on insuring financial responsibility of forwarders
  • information about products and services of the ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK, offices of Czech business owners represented in the EU in Brussels by CEBRE, Regional consulting and informational center, Czech Trade, CzechInvest and other institutions supporting IBO on regional and statewide levels.

    All of the above-mentioned information is available in the framework of IBO free of charge.

    From the first day of our membership in the EU we have also offered all regional project places these commercial services (paid):

  • sales of publications
  • arranging trade licenses and license deeds
  • Morava-Silesian region is piloting the securing within the framework of “individual places for business formalities”, in coordination with the notary and lawyer’s office, of formalities even for arranging business communities

    Information place for business owners in the Morava-Silesian region (IBO) - contacts:

    InMP Opava at OHK Opava, Nádražní okruh 27, 746 01 Opava
    Beáta Lopušná, tel.: 553 714 259,

    InMP Ostrava at CC MSR, Výstavní 2224/8, 709 00 Ostrava-Mar.Hory
    Natálie Šitavancová, DiS., BBA, tel.: 597 479 330, mob.: 724 613 715,

    InMP Karviná at HK Karviná, Svatováclavská 97/6, 733 01 Karviná
    Ing. Andrea Hoschnová, tel.: 596 311 707, mob.: 724 613 920

    InMP Krnov at OHK Bruntál, Albrechtická 8, 794 01 Krnov
    Ing. Jaroslav Balcárek, tel.: 554 614 521, mob.: 724 613 904

    InMP Třinec - Agentura HRAT, Nám TGM 353, 739 61 Třinec
    Ing. Ivona Turoňová, tel.: 558 323 272, mob.: 724 613 918

    Project IBO in the Morava-Silesian region coordinates a Regional coordination place (RCP) in the region of the Economic chamber of the Morava-Silesian region
    Výstavní 2224/8, 709 00 Ostrava-Mar. Hory
    Hana Gajdošíková, tel.: 597 479 327, mob.: 724 613 917,