About our Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce of Moravian-Silesian Region (CC of MSR) was created from the foundation of law no. 301/1992. It works as an independent legal subject in the network of Economic Chamber of Czech Republic...

CC of MSR is a corporate body, recorded in the commercial register at the County Courthouse in Ostrava, section A XIV, enclosure 558.

The Chamber serves as support for business activities, promoting and protecting the interests of its members. In the framework of its field, particularly offering advice and consulting services about questions concerning business activities, organizing educational activities, information service for professional education and forming re-qualification, forming and developing contacts with the chamber and professional institutions abroad and concluding agreements with them, showing them certificates which result in a good relationship for international business, carrying out individual economic duties in support of regularly fulfilling ones duties.

The field of CC of MSR is the regulation of statutes, negotiating codes and other internal directives.

Where can you find us?
CC of MSR is located in the center of town, not far from the tramway station, Energy Building.

Výstavní 2224/8
709 00 Ostrava-Mariánské Hory
Czech Republic

VAT Nr.: 47673192

tel.: +420 597 479 333, +420 597 479 328
fax: +420 597 479 324
E-mail: sekretariat@khkmsk.cz; info@khkmsk.cz; een@khkmsk.cz

Bank Association:
ČSOB, a.s., account number: 373630443, bank code 0300